Train-the-trainer Workshops


The SMOKEFREEGREECE initiative also provides “Train-the-trainer” workshops for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals in order to educate their students on tobacco prevention.

“Train-the-trainer” Workshops for Tobacco Prevention

The half-day workshop consists of a theoretical followed by a practical session.

The theoretical session aims to educate teachers, parents and volunteers through scientifically based lectures on the health effects of smoking and passive smoking and the effective methods for prevention and cessation of smoking among school-aged children. During the practical session the participants are taught the methodology of the intervention followed by hands-on practice through a mock intervention using role play.

The workshop has been approved by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. Participation is free of charge and all participants who complete the training receive a certificate at the end of the session.

Over 2.000 teachers and healthcare professionals have completed the “Train-the-trainer” workshop cities all over Greece including in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Tripoli, Volos, Karditsa, Heraklion, Chios, Alexandroupolis, Ioannina and Chania.

The workshops were later tailored for health professionals to host interventions in hospitals and health centers.



The SMOKEFREEGREECE initiative, established in 2009 for tobacco prevention with an emphasis in the school community, does not in any capacity, hold any obligation or relation to any funders, institutions, persons, or initiatives with similar names and/or scope. Does not have any financial, ideological, social relationship or collaboration with any industry related to the manufacturing, production, distribution or promotion of tobacco and/or other novel tobacco products.

The SMOKEFREEGREECE initiative is fully funded by the Behrakis Foundation Boston MA and is supported by the NGO Hellenic Cancer Society and the Educational Institution, The American College of Greece.

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