Institute Of Public Health-The American College Of Greece

Professor Panagiotis Behrakis
Director of the Institute of Public Health, The American College of Greece


The Institute of Public Health-The American College of Greece, founded in January 2016, aims to develop scientific research and educational activities in the field of Public Health and to support the SMOKEFREEGREECE initiative as well as all other national and international activities carried out by the George D. Behrakis Research LabHellenic Cancer Society.

The Public Health Institute’s activities are based on a program launched in 2010 by the Behrakis Foundation in collaboration with the Harvard School of Public Health under the direction and guidance of Professor Panagiotis Behrakis. The Public Health Institute was founded and continues to operate with the full financial support of the Behrakis Foundation in Boston, MA.

The main objective of the Institute is to reduce smoking in Greece, especially among youth, through several actions:
  • School-based interventions for Tobacco prevention among the student population in Athens, Thessaloniki and Tegea
  • Annual Panhellenic School Student Conferences and Competitions
  • Development and distribution of educational materials for tobacco prevention in the school community
  • Scientific research
  • Annual series of lectures on current and developing public health issues held by experts in the field. The lectures are addressed to Health Professionals, Psychologists, Teachers and Scientists interested in Public Health but most importantly, to parents and the general public who are strongly encouraged to attend

The Institute is located in a historic building on Ipitou Street in Plaka, Athens.  Its activities are coordinated through the Public Affairs department at the American College of Greece.

For more information, please contact Anna Tzortzi, Deputy Director of the Public Health Institute, American College of Greece at or at

SOURCE: The American College of Greece


The SMOKEFREEGREECE initiative, established in 2009 for tobacco prevention with an emphasis in the school community, does not in any capacity, hold any obligation or relation to any funders, institutions, persons, or initiatives with similar names and/or scope. Does not have any financial, ideological, social relationship or collaboration with any industry related to the manufacturing, production, distribution or promotion of tobacco and/or other novel tobacco products.

The SMOKEFREEGREECE initiative is fully funded by the Behrakis Foundation Boston MA and is supported by the NGO Hellenic Cancer Society and the Educational Institution, The American College of Greece.

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