Educational Material


SMOKEFREEGREECE initiative activities include the production of various educational material for the school community specifically tailored to address the different needs of students and teachers. 


“Learning to be Smoke-free!” Notebook


“Education for a Smokefree Society” Agenda

Educational Material for Students

A student notebook for primary students promoting smoking prevention using positive perceptions. Each page playfully presents information on tobacco and health. The notebook is designed to provide facts about the health effects of smoking and nicotine addiction. Students encounter these messages during their daily note-taking that empowers the student towards a smoke-free lifestyle.

The school notebook has been printed and distributed to more than 438,500 students all over Greece.

An agenda designed for the secondary and high school students was produced to address peer pressure of smoking while encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle. The agenda includes scientific evidence-based information on tobacco use which is required to address the needs and responsiveness of this age group.

This student agenda has been printed and distributed to over 45,000 students across Greece.

“Education for a Smokefree Generation” Book

“Education for a Smokefree Generation” Power Point

Educational Material for Teachers

«Education for a Smokefree Generation» – Book

Addressed to teachers and parents, this book includes valuable scientific  information on all aspects tobacco use in order to educate their students and children. The book includes chapters on the health effects of smoking, nicotine addiction, smoking and pregnancy, smoking cessation and tobacco control legislation among others.

Authors of the book are distinguished scientists setting as goal to approach tobacco use from a scientific and educational point of view.

It is a very useful and effective tool to the school community since it also contains a synopsis of each chapter in ready-to-use Powerpoint format.

The book is distributed free in printed form and is available on the following link.

The title of this book represents the outcome of a long scientific research process and is the main message to be communicated to the public for the successful prevention of smoking in our country.

Sponsored by the Behrakis Foundation in Boston and the National Bank of Greece and supported by the George D. Behrakis Research Lab-Hellenic Cancer Society, aims to prevent smoking in students through the means of education.


«Education for a Smokefree Generation» – Power Point

Chapter 1.            Smoking health effects

Chapter 2.            Nicotine dependence and addiction to smoking

Chapter 3.            Smoking and pregnancy

Chapter 4.            Passive smoking

Chapter 5.            Current approach to smoking cessation

Chapter 6.            New trends in the use of tobacco products

Chapter 7.            The role of marketing, advertisement and lifestyle in tobacco promotion

Chapter 8.            Smoking through the lens of the economic sciences

Chapter 9.            Historical approach and current legislation on tobacco and related products

Chapter 10.          Current approach and practice for smoking prevention in the school community

Chapter 11.          Methodology of school-based intervention for smoking prevention in primary school students

Chapter 12.          Methodology of school-based intervention for smoking prevention in secondary and high school                                      students

Chapter 13.          Frequently asked questions and answers in relation to smoking 

Chapter 14.          Parental counselling for smoking prevention. School-family collaboration





The SMOKEFREEGREECE initiative, established in 2009 for tobacco prevention with an emphasis in the school community, does not in any capacity, hold any obligation or relation to any funders, institutions, persons, or initiatives with similar names and/or scope. Does not have any financial, ideological, social relationship or collaboration with any industry related to the manufacturing, production, distribution or promotion of tobacco and/or other novel tobacco products.

The SMOKEFREEGREECE initiative is fully funded by the Behrakis Foundation Boston MA and is supported by the NGO Hellenic Cancer Society and the Educational Institution, The American College of Greece.

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