Educational Interventions


Since experimentation with tobacco begins during adolescence, it is obvious that preventative interventions should be aimed at children and adolescence in order to create a tobacco free future. As increased knowledge and awareness are key to tobacco prevention, we developed educational interventions tailored to inform teachers and school-aged children on tobacco operated through “SmokeFreeGreece”. 

Educational Interventions for Tobacco Prevention

The methodological framework for the educational interventions for school-aged students are based on the concept of “tailor fitted programmes” which meet the individual needs appropriate for different developmental stages. Knowing this, we designed the educational intervention for tobacco prevention for three separate age groups: 10-12 primary school students (10-12 years old), secondary school students (13-15 years old) and high school students (16-17 years old).

The one-hour intervention emphasizes the positive reasons for avoiding tobacco. The aim is to educate students using scientific information on tobacco. Some of the topics covered include, the toxic components of tobacco, nicotine addiction, health effects of smoking, other tobacco products, passive smoking and tobacco advertisement. The interventions are interactive to encourage the development of individual and social skills needed to overcome peer pressure and choose not to smoke. Following the intervention, students are provided with educational material they can take home.

The SmokeFreeGreece interventions take place in specially designed educational centers located in three Greeek cities:

  • In Athens, at the Educational Center “Attica Tradition” Ipitou 17b, Plaka
  • In Thessaloniki at the NOESIS Science Center and Technology Museum and
  • In Tripoli, at the old town hall of Tegea.

Since 2009, over 35.500 students have actively participated with many more to participate in the upcoming academic year.

The Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs has approved the tobacco prevention interventions and the Institute of Educational Policy has approved the educational material used.


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