Annual Student Conferences


Annual Student Conferences. “Education for a Smokefree Society”

Since 2010, 8 annual student conferences entitled, “Education for a Smokefree Society” have taken place which have included a Panhellenic student competition for the past 5 years. The competition, with a varying theme for tobacco prevention every year, encourages students to express through artistic means such as drawing, painting, musical composition, video clips and animation on the selected topic of that year. These artistic works are presented and displayed at the student conference. Prizes are awarded to students during a special ceremony.

More than 6,500 students have participated in educational activities, theatrical and musical events.

More than 11.000 school-aged students have participated in the competitions. 

The competition theme of the 7th Annual Student Conference 2016 was “Smoking and its effects on the Environment”. The students were asked to write a letter to a recipient of their choice, real or imaginary, referring to how smoking affects the environment.


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